Monday, February 15, 2016

G.O.P. – Mistake to Be SCOTUS Obstructionists So Fast

It's an unforced error by Senate Republicans that will be difficult to mop up, and one that could cost them at the ballot box in November, according to Cillizza. Senate Republicans sent a clear message to the American voters: We aren't even going to make a show of playing ball on this one.

Instead they could have chosen this process offered by Cillizza, giving them the same result:

Step 1: Say almost nothing about Obama picking someone to replace Scalia other than that the        person will get a "fair hearing."
Step 2: Convene the standard hearings on Judiciary for the nominee. Aggressively question him or her as you would any other nominee in Obama's presidency.
Step 3: Never allow a vote on the nominee, using the 60-vote filibuster threshold as your best friend.