Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lego is Going to Make a Wheelchair, Finally

Even though Lego parts can be used to create wheelchairs and independent companies sell mini-figures in wheelchairs, a wheelchair mini-figure with a support dog will be included in a Lego City set that will go on sale in June, Lego spokesman Michael McNally said.

Good, but another challenge has been issued by #ToyLikeMe organizer Rebecca Atkinson, who suggests people with disabilities be incorporated into Lego's everyday kits. She wrote: “Is this the same as the world’s largest toy brand getting behind the issue and including a guide dog user in the Lego City sets or factoring wheelchair access into an aeroplane design?"

After all, people with disabilities live their lives among people without disabilities. The sooner Lego markets their new creation with that reality, the better we will be at breaking down the physical abilities hierarchy, as we send a positive message to our children and the parents and guardians who buy Legos.