Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bundys – Don't Like Government But Send Them the Bill

The occupation of Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon by the Bundys and friends supposedly was a protest against the government, but their actions have left the government they despise with a big bill to pay. Someone has to pay for their actions, in terms of cash.

John Sepulvado of NPR member station Oregon Public Broadcasting at the Malheur occupation.  He said, "The refuge, which was blanketed in snow during the 41-day occupation, shows signs of spring's arrival: birds twitter and chirp and cattle graze in the distance. On the surface, life seems to be moving on. However, there are numerous costs in returning the refuge back to normal."

The cost of the occupation as a whole, Sepulvado says, includes a price tag of $5.7 million and counting, an enormous backlog of unfinished work on environmental projects, and psychological toll on workers and the community.