Friday, March 4, 2016

Women on the Supreme Court – Speaking for People Like Them

In the opening day of arguments at the Supreme Court in the landmark abortion case, "Whole Women's Health v Hellerstedt," Dahlia Litwick reports in Slate that "it felt like, for the first time in history, the gender playing field was finally leveled" and the women justices "were emboldened to just ignore the rules...There was something wonderful and symbolic about Roberts losing almost complete control over the court's indignant women, who are just not inclined to play nice anymore."

In a just and equal diverse society, we must have people represented by others of their own group, and not be subject to decisions made by those who are placed on top our hierarchies. Men do not, in general, clearly represent the views of women. Men, being at the top, have historically been clueless about women, and act accordingly, and instead make decisions that keep men in power.