Monday, March 14, 2016

Death of Hierarchies Has Been Coming a Long Time

"Donald Trump isn’t the destruction of the Republican Party; he is the fulfillment of everything the party has been saying and doing for decades. He is just saying it louder and more plainly than his predecessors and intra-party rivals," according to Neal Gabler on

"The real story – one the popularity of Trump’s candidacy has revealed and inarguably the biggest political story of the last 50 years — is the decades-long transformation of Republicanism from a business-centered, small town, white Protestant set of beliefs into quite possibly America’s primary institutional force of bigotry, intellectual dishonesty, ignorance, warmongering, intractability and cruelty against the vulnerable and powerless."

Hierarchies have been in a death struggle for decades, and now it has caught up with them enough that the death struggle is obvious to most people, even if they haven't been following it for years like we have been doing. We live in fascinating times.