Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Barbara Kingsolver: Lock Arms with the Ones Who Are With Us

Barbara Kingsolver, American novelist, essayist and poet, reminds us that the time is to become vigilant in our commitment to keep the rights that we have worked so hard to achieve, and join hands in doing so.
She says, "Losses are coming at us in these areas: freedom of speech and the press; women’s reproductive rights; affordable healthcare; security for immigrants and Muslims; racial and LGBTQ civil rights; environmental protection; scientific research and education; international cooperation on limiting climate change; international cooperation on anything; any restraints on who may possess firearms; restraint on the upper-class wealth accumulation that’s gutting our middle class; limits on corporate influence over our laws. That’s the opening volley."
We have achieved gains in so many individual hierarchies, but obviously, there are people out there who would take them away. We must unite together in a common language, a common goal, and act like we are one force. Which side are you on – building hierarchies or breaking them down. That is the question.
She continues, "We keep our commitments to fairness in front of the legislators who oppose us, lock arms with the ones who are with us, and in the words of Congressman John Lewis,  prepare to get ourselves in some good trouble. Every soul willing to do that is part of our team...There’s safety in numbers, but only if we count ourselves out loud."