Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Betsy DeVos from a Public School Teacher Perspective

People in the trenches of the hierarchy certainly have a clearer view than those at the top, who try cluelessly to rain down their ideas on everyone else, using their resources to promote the disparity that keeps them on top. From an opinion piece by Patrick Kearney in the Huffington Post, hierarchies are again so predictable.

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's opinion of who can do a good job as Secretary of Education, has never attended public school or had children who attended public school, as discussed from a public teachers' perspective.

"I suppose we also need to address the elephant in the room. We are a little freaked out by your nomination to be Secretary of Education. You aren’t an educator. You haven’t ever attended or sent your children to a public school, yet you seem to have some pretty strong opinions about them. You don’t seem to have been involved in the study of curriculum or school standards. What you have done is lobby (and spend millions of dollars of your own money in advocacy) for taxpayer dollars to go to unregulated for-profit charter schools. As teachers we like to look at data. Interestingly, the data from Michigan (where you have been able to use your wealth to influence a lot of education policy) would suggest that the charter schools you lobby for aren’t really achieving any better than their public counterparts."