Monday, December 19, 2016

Want to Live Longer – Get a Female Doctor

In an article on NPR entitled, "Patients Cared for by Female Doctors Fare Better Than Those Treated by Men," Harvard researchers found that that female doctors get better results than male doctors who care for elderly hospitalized patients. As compared to men, patients cared for by women were less likely to die or return to the hospital after discharge.

The study's authors estimate "that approximately 32,000 fewer patients would die if male physicians could achieve the same outcomes as female physicians every year." An editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association about the study urges the medical profession to remedy the gender disparities in care and the pay gap that favors male physicians over women.

Women grow up in the lower group of at least the gender hierarchy, and know what it is like not to be listened to and acknowledged. Perhaps, as in so many other ways, the advantages of honoring the unique knowledge and wisdom of people in lower groups would improve our society immensely.