Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kids with Down Syndrome Promote Products

At at time when we can fear that honoring diversity will never be the same in the United States, we can take heart that changes are occurring. We have come along way since the time that children with special needs were taken from their parents and put into institutions for life.

In an original article in the New York Times, Jeanne Bonner reports that children with Down Syndrome are becoming hired more by retailers and consumer products groups to promote products.

Millennials “expect to see a broad cross-section of families, couples and individuals, including people who are developmentally disabled as a matter of truthfulness,” said Bob Witeck, a former executive with the public relations firm Hill & Knowlton and a communications strategist in Washington, D.C., who tracks ad spending.

“The consumer mindset has really changed. Millennials are so in tune with causes," says Teresa Gonzalez Ruiz, vice president for brand marketing at Fisher-Price.

Hierarchies do continue to break down, and we will not return to the 1950's and before if we join together under one banner: No more hierarchies.